If you want to investigate a career path in the diamond industry, your journey starts here. We offer training courses that covers all aspects of grading rough diamonds to the final phases of cutting and polishing brilliant diamonds. Focused on the most important training courses Diamond Grading Course, Diamond and Gold Course and Diamond cutting and Polishing Course Our Training facility is fully equipped with the latest diamond cutting and polishing machines  and our master diamond lecturer has more than 20 years experience in the mastering of diamond preparation , grading, cutting and polishing so you can rest assured that you be exposed to the secrets of creating stunning polished diamonds. Apart from our experienced lecturers and high tech facilities you will also meet other key people in the diamond industry making networking possible to somewhat insular industry. You will also receive a course completion certificate that will assist you launching your  career. Career Options Sales consultant (jewelry and diamond stores). Managers for retail (jewelry and diamond stores). Diamond Diggers for small Mines Diamond buyers for wholesale outlets. GIA|IGI|EGL lab certification analyst. Diamond Gemologist Diamond factory supervisor. Diamond cutter for diamond production factories. Diamond Miners in South Africa Zimbabwe DRC Angola.

Diamond Gemology Classes and Courses

Diamond Grading Course
Diamond and Gold Course
Diamond cutting and Polishing Course
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The full diamond graduation program consists of 6 months training
To prepare the student to become proficient in every technique involved in the manufacture and grading of diamonds
Valuate diamonds both in the rough and polished state and how colour
Suite No.505, SA Jewellery Centre Jewel City Johannesburg, South Africa Tel +2782 9657740

Corlia Roberts Diamond Cutting Classes